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The Ship-Crescent (the Žvėrynas bridge)

The Ship-Crescent
The ship of the civil nation, uniting all historical times, presenting hopes of continuity and renewal. The crescent is a common sign in the coats-of-arms of the Lithuanian noblemen indicating their different ’nature’ and celestial affiliation. In the Vilnius emblemof the 17th century there appears a nice comparisonattributed to St. Casimir, the patron of Vilnius and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It runs as follows: not only the moon shines reflecting sunlight but also the sunbecomes brighter when the light of the moon is reflected back on it. In this way St. Casimir (the Sun) throws light on his native country, making it more prominent and famous among other nations, on the other hand, the nation itself worshipping St. Casimir makes him a brighter luminary.’
20 m, stainless steel


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